Kelly Rimmer
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Suspending Reality

Suspending Reality


Suspending Reality

Esther feels like her family of four has become a family of three with a live-in social work project. She is never more aware of her failure to fit in than at her eighteenth birthday party, when the guest of honour becomes the odd one out. One impulsive act of rebellion will change everything – whether or not Esther is ready to deal with the consequences.

Cheryl lives a drama-free life – and its killing her. Motherhood has been a disappointment and the days are melting into one another, one endless blur of nothingness, funded by welfare payments and a small town that seems to be shrinking in on her. Escaping the monotony is becoming a matter of life or death.

Carla is beautiful and wealthy, and ambitious to the core. She’s new in town to find a fresh start, and it doesn’t take much effort to line up a suitable job, then partner and home. The question for Carla is, can a promising future cancel out a shadowed past? 

Their lives couldn’t be more different – but Esther, Cheryl and Carla will all discover that finding peace will come at a cost…someone might have to die.

Kelly Rimmer Suspending Reality

The Reviews

"The suspense, the fast pacing, and the twists and turns make for an enjoyable, surprising read… If you’re a fan of contemporary women’s fiction, weaved with some suspense and romance, then check out Suspending Reality." - Storm Goddess Book Reviews
"This was a great read. I love how the plot resolves, and it’s fast paced enough to make me want to read all the way through." - reviewer